Angela Williams
Gender Female
Age 40
Residence Atlanta, GA
Occupation Salon Owner
Real world information

Angela Williams is one of the protagonists in the dramedy, "Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse". Angela is shown to be a great friend but, is also shown to be brutal. She is portrayed by Tasha Smith in the show and the movies, Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?.


Angela first appears with her husband, Marcus in the 2007 movie, Why Did I Get Married?. When she and her husband, Marcus go on a couple's retreat every year with their college friends, Terry, Diane, Patricia, Gavin, Mike, and Sheila. In the movie, Angela is shown to be drunk and bitter. In Why Did I Get Married Too?, Angela starts distrusting Marcus and starts searching his phones since he got the job on this sports channel. Which then leads on into Season One of For Better or Worse when she finds a letter saying that Marcus is the father of someone's child and Marcus denies it. As a result of this, it ends up with an angry Angela throwing all of Marcus' clothes out and burning up his car. At the end of Season One, she finds out that Marcus was telling the truth and starts to trust him again.

Season OneEdit

In A Better Me, Dominique calls Angela a whore, so she confronts Dominique's mom, Keisha about it and, they fight but, in the end, they're acting casual around each other.

In One Last Try, Angela finds out that Marcus begged Keisha to get back with him the night before their wedding.

In The One I Want, Angela's close friend, Leslie wonders if she should tell Angela about what she saw between Marcus and Keisha.

In Decieving Eyes, a slip-up reveals what Leslie saw between Marcus and Keisha.

In Forsaking all Others, Angela gets a letter from a woman named Sabrina Murphy asking for child support with a picture of Marcus in bed with another woman.

In To Lie Or Not To Lie, after in the previous when Marcus claims that he didn't sleep with Sabrina Murphy to Angela. He tries to make it up to her.

In For Baby Mama Drama, a fed-up Angela sets Marcus' belongings/possesions and car on fire.

In Speak Now, an old flame of Angela's shows up as a contractor on Angela's expansion.

In For Richer or Poorer, Marcus is still slepping at Angela's and his house against her wishes and, stole all of her expansion money for a new wardrobe.

In To Believe or Not to Believe, Miss V., Angela's maid, tells her to trust Marcus again. Which gives Angela something to think about.

Season TwoEdit