Marcus Williams
Gender Male
Residence Atlanta, GA
Occupation Sports newscaster
Real world information

Marcus Williams is one of the protagonists on the dramedy, "Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse". Marcus is shown to be a voice of reason on the show though, he's made alot of mistakes in his time. He is portrayed by Michael Jai White in the show and the movies, Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?


Marcus first appears along with his wife, Angela, in the 2007 movie, Why Did I Get Married?. He first appears with Angela on the train to the marriage couple's retreat they go on every year. Marcus is himself as always. In Why Did I Get Married Too? , Ever since Marcus got the job on a sports channel, Angela has been thinking Marcus has been cheating on her and starts to distrust him. Later on, it is made clear he is not. On the show, For Better or Worse, Marcus leaves his job to start a sports show called C-Sports Now with his college friends, Richard and Joseph. And Angela starts to distrust him when she recieves a letter from a woman named Sabrina Murphy, asking for child support with a picture of her and Marcus in bed together.

Season OneEdit

In A Better Me, Marcus starts his own sports television show called C-Sports Now.

In One Last Try, Richard reveals a shocking secret about Marcus.

In The One I Want, Leslie finds Marcus and Keisha together and thinks the wrong thing.

In Decieving Eyes, Leslie doesn't know if she should tell Angela what she saw between Marcus and Keisha.

In Forsaking All Others, Angela gets a child support letter from a woman named Sabrina Murphy with a picture of Marcus in bed with her and Marcus later denies it.

In To Lie Or Not To Lie, Marcus tries to make it up to Angela about the letter.

In For Baby Mama, Angela sets Marcus' car and possesions on fire.

In Speak Now, Marcus learns that Angela had an affair with her contractor on her expansion 13 years ago.

In For Richer or Poorer, Marcus takes money out of Angela's expansion account and buys a new wardrobe, and Angela sleeps at Joseph and Leslie's for the night.

In To Believe or Not To Believe, Marcus returns Angela her money and she forgives him.

Season TwoEdit

In Waiting For Larry White, Marcus is dissapointed when Angela goes to visit Sabrina Murphy for the truth.

In You Are The Father, Marcus, Joseph, and Todd are frustrated with the presence of Keisha at the studio.

In The Will And The Grace, Marcus finds out that Angela told him a lie about their old college friend, Nick being gay just so Angela could hang out with him.